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How To Properly Inquire About An Appointment

Please take note that inquiries which do not contain the following information will be deleted immediately. I require you to answer the following as honestly and as thoroughly as you can to ensure that the session is as consensual, safe, and mutually enjoyable as possible.

DO NOT contact Me if you have no intention of potentially booking a session - it is a waste of both My precious time and yours.

Copy and paste the following questions into the body of your email:

  1. Describe your fantasy to Me in as much detail as possible.
  2. Have you played out this fantasy before in real life or is this your first time? Have you seen a professional dominatrix before?
  3. Is there a particular wardrobe request for this session?
  4. Do you have any health conditions/recent injuries/range of motion or joint problems/allergies/phobias that I should know about?
  5. What are your absolute hard limits (ie. boundaries that you do not want crossed under any circumstances)?
  6. Anything else I need to know?
If you are contacting Me about a service other than bdsm/fetish play sessions you may disregard the above questions but please be clear, concise, and specific about what you are looking for.

Tribute Structure For BDSM/Fetish Play Sessions

Length of Session Price Range (CDN Funds)
1 hour $250
1 1/2 hours $340
2 hour $465
2.5 hour $575
Please contact me for special pricing for sessions longer than 2.5 hours.

Other Services

Service Price per hour (CDN Funds)
Initial Consultation Session
(Rites of Passage*/Self-Improvement Programs**)
$125.00 per hour
Sexuality Counselling $150.00 per hour

Skills Exchange

Contact me for skills exchange if you are a:

  • Registered massage therapist
  • Alternative/naturopathic medical practitioner
  • Carpenter (with an interest in building good quality dungeon furniture)
  • Publisher (with an interest in and an ability to get poetry published)

Rules of Engagement

  1. Allow a minimum of 24 hour's notice when booking. The earlier you book, the higher the likelihood that I can arrange a mutually convenient time.
  2. Be polite, respectful, and honest at all times. I will do the same for you unless we are in session and have negotiated otherwise.
  3. DO NOT, under any circumstances, ask Me to perform sexual acts. Domination is not prostitution. I will terminate your session immediately.
  4. Be showered and clean - I reserve the right to cancel a session at your personal expense if you show up unkempt or with poor personal hygiene.
  5. DO NOT wear cologne or heavily scented products.
  6. Offer your tribute in an unsealed envelope before your session commences.
  7. DO NOT arrive for your session under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  8. I require 24 hours to cancel an appointment. If you book and do not show up, you may be blacklisted.
  9. Arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your appointment so that you have time to orient yourself and ask any last minute questions.
  10. You will be given a safe word to use in case you need to stop the session for any reason. Please USE IT if you need to - I am not impressed by submissives who cross their hard boundaries because they are afraid to speak up.
  11. Gifting Me will not afford you any favoritism, but if you feel you must, only items chosen from My wish list will be accepted and appreciated.
  12. Relax, surrender, and let Me guide you to the realms that you know you want to explore.